Your move!

 A piece designed for the Material Girl exhibition,

celebrating 100 years of women's rights

Moonah Arts Centre March 2003


The brief was to create a piece of work that would mark the achievements women have gained in the last 100 years. To celebrate the fact that a woman's place is everywhere!

My idea was to create a menopoly board where two 'incomplete' women pawns would move around the board. Each property looked at a different part of women's life and how they were treated.

'Take a chance on me' cards could be picked at random with a piece of writing that reminds us of where we have been and where we need to go in terms of wholeness.


Your Move – by Sue Stack

I have a list comprising 10 pages. It is a timeline of the rights women have gained across the world in the last 100 years. A list like this reminds me of how far we have come and how civilized we are. It makes me grateful for women before me who were prepared to stand up.

It is also shocks me. For some countries the right to vote, to work, to divorce, to contraception, to owning property are only recent rights. Only 7 years ago Egypt banned genital mutilation. Killing of baby girls in China was prohibited by law 11 years ago.


So it is easy to forget how far we have yet to go. We may be gaining equality but the playing field is still based on a paradigm that values fragmentation, economic rationalism and consumerism, might and war, factory education.

Do we have the wisdom and courage to create a new world where everyone can be whole? Where we can sustain and nourish each other and all life? Or are we just pawns in a game that we have forgotten we are playing?

It’s your turn to roll the dice…             



This is a picture of Vida Goldstein (1869 -1946), an Australian suffragette who protested in order to get women the right to vote. She was the first woman to stand for parliament, though unsuccessful of gaining a seat despite 5 attempts.

"Protest to be effective, must be followed by resolute action and at this crisis in world history when materialistic energy aims at overthrowing spiritual energy and moral values, action needs to develop into a world crusade for the Spiritual Humanity."

Vida Goldstein (1946)



What might the world be like based on women’s ways of knowing and being?

Our lack of wholeness cannot be solved by looking for completion in each other…. only by creating a world where we can fully be ourselves in all our dimensions.


I celebrate my nakedness, my openness and my vulnerability. In this image of myself is my true self, yet you can’t look past my breasts.

I am not afraid to pass through boundaries and explore the other side. Are you?




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