The Tao



To understand the Tao is to perceive the underlying essence of nature -  vital subtle energies, flow, time, change, impermeance. 


This is often represented by swirls of  colour on pottery or depictions of water or air.



The rock


The rock is a very important Taoist symbol, representing the Great Whole – ‘the uncarved block’ of reality. The holes represent impermanence and the ever changing flow of Tao.


In the following sculptural pieces rock and water are almost inter-changeable. Water consists of rock- like shapes and vice versa. This is to challenge our notions of permanence and solidness.


Energy Within



Within us we have flowing energy. This piece highlights  the upwardly spiraling kundalini energy which when used can unleash creativity and transcendence of the soul.



Wu-Wei—effortless action



Taoists believe that if we are aware of the subtle energies and flow of our world then we can use these currents to get where we want to go. Going against the flow is hard work, but using the flow is ‘effortless action’.


In the flow



When our flow is aligned with the outer universal flow there is a synchronicity and  a bigger than self feeling   -  an incredible lightness of being.








The Tao in interesting






But what happens if the underpinning flow of nature is in a period of change? Connecting to this flow no longer gives us a smooth ride   -  it is a turbulent roller coaster as it is trying to establish a new pattern. Should we still be trying to align ourselves to it? Can we affect it?


Today I create my universe



We are currently in interesting times where a new pattern of flow and Tao is being created. Our actions and thought patterns create individual Tao flow around ourselves which becomes part of the whole.


By allowing our souls full expression and deliberately creating who we would like to be, we are not only creating a strong vibrant pattern for ourselves but for the whole world. If enough people create a positive visionary flow this will become the new pattern.

Beyond the Tao



The Tao, like many esoteric teachings, is useful in helping us see beyond the everyday. But it is only a model. Like all paradigms we should be asking, what is beyond it?




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