Not Yet Famous Exhibition

Long Gallery, Salamanca Place March 2003

This exhibition aimed to showcase work done by students of Tasmanian Adult Education art classes. Each student was limited to 3 pieces.

I entered  "Ladies with Attitude"...



" Oh my God, please don't tell me my zipper is broken!!! "

Over-exposure at an art exhibition opening

63 x 27cm

(The dress mirrors the people and the art around her. As her boob pops out many of the highly refined ladies are not amused. Yet, the art around flamboyantly displays  naked women. Hmmm.)


"The cow" : Yoga position No. 31, pathway to serenity

38 x 27 cm

(As the lady meditates her energy rises upwards in a bourgeoning garden of her imagination, with butterflies, symbols of transformation. However, a real butterfly alights on her cheek. She blows it off rather than integrating this interruption into her mind. This seed of irritation causes her energy to go hay wire... sliding off down her leg as a snake, symbol of the kundalini.)


"Whaddya looking at?"

65 x 25cm

(The dress mirrors the people around having a good perve.)




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