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The significant and sometimes contradictory moments

of Darlene Witherspoon


Darlene Witherspoon is a living contradiction. Some say that it is only to be expected living in a chaotic world with deep issues to solve. But Darlene wants to make sense of her world; to find patterns and meaning, to navigate it with grace and perhaps help us all into a better future.

 So out of the complexity she begins to unravel some of the hidden contradictions. She lays them bare, sometimes glimpsing beyond the ordinary, finding new ways to see and new ways to interpret. She begins to realise that her contradictions are not just hers, but part of a larger cultural pattern.

Does this insight liberate her? She is able to choose how she lives these contradictions and how she weaves them into her life. And after a while of dancing the tensions she finds she has transcended them, to become a new person, with new contradictions.

Darlene can now glimpse the mystery and the majesty of being. She is a woman in growth; in transformation and evolution. She embraces her contradictions.  It is the only way she knows of living the significant moments and creating a new future.

Fallen angels enjoy fruit salad

339 x 280 x 540mm


Material girl can now buy green offsets

280 x 180 x 560mm


When life becomes too rapid Emmie Marnet  brings along her canoe

350 x 250 x 400mm


Olivia Hall sometimes glimpses her invisible self

310 x 180 x 550mm

Sophie Grace trembles on the cusp of her future

150 x 350 x 570mm

Nina Zabelata’s slightly contradictory list for lovers

370 x 360 x 500mm

Playing the Kosmos into being: Creating the stars

370 x 260 x 580mm

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