"Oh my God, please don’t tell me that is a fish in my bum”

An experiment in synchronicity

By Sue Stack

 (The authorised interpretation)




Breast Alert!

There is a fish in this lady’s bum and she has turned around quickly to check it out, only to have her breast pop out. Oops.

Firstly, this piece is intended to be humorous. Most people don’t see the breast straight away and it comes as a surprise, a jolt. If the popped out breast is all you focus on then that is a metaphor for the way you see life – just the surface.

The breast is something that is usually hidden but it has been exposed… it reminds us to look underneath the surface. The breast is a part of us which we tend to cover and then treat as if it is something wrong. That is how many people treat their souls – they feel just as exposed to allow themselves to be vulnerable to live life fully.


So how do we know that this deeper meaning is there? There are more clues. On the stomach is a pattern from the Tao – one of flow and change, the hidden currents of life. The circles on the waist band symbolize the whole, OM, perfection or the cycle of life. The cycle is also represented by the pattern on the bottom of the dress which joins up with itself. The symbol of the fish is a very powerful spiritual symbol and appears 8 times in the whole piece.


Now moving to the pattern on the bottom of the dress. The lady with the fish in her bum is represented as a cartoon figure in a blue dress. She is orientated to the sky, eyes closed. She is feeling the wind on her face. She stands overlooking a beach, a traditional symbol for the cusp between conscious and unconscious, spiritual and physical.

Perhaps in her mind’s eye she sees the fish kite in the sky, the swirls of Tao. There is a fish/sperm in the Tao pattern heading for an eddy shaped like a target area on her womb. What is being fertilized or birthed within her? There is a sense she is connected to a greater reality than the physical.


On the beach are women in a seemingly passive/receptive yin state – who are sensually experiencing the world – the sun on their faces, the sand underneath.


A man looks down on them through a telescope, a phallic shape with a phallic lighthouse behind. Although men are considered thrusting creative yang energy this one is a mere voyeur of the world rather than a participant, as opposed to the women, who are fully alive to actual experience of the world. Is this a reminder on living fully in all dimensions of reality?

The lighthouse is also a symbol for helping people who have lost their way to find it – to see where they are going.


We now move to the café scene “Seafood Buffet”. This could be a feast for the spirit but it isn’t – the symbol on the sign shows the bare bones of the fish, denuded of life. These people are contained under an umbrella – protection or a restricted paradigm? They are busy chatting, socializing, being seen… the sort of stuff that most of society thinks is important, while hidden dimensions lie underneath.


So how does the fish get into her bum?

We have a cartoon sequence of the waiter looking at the voyeur, pouring wine into a woman’s dress, who knocks the arm of another waiter, and the fish fly into the blue lady’s dress. But what a surprise to her, because hasn’t she been dreaming of fish? How has her reality reacted with this physical sequence? Was it a coincidence or synchronicity? Was it another of the universe’s clues, jokes or reminders to look beyond the normal?




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