"I've got something for you..."

Moonah Festival of Humor Exhibition

Moonah Arts Centre (May 2003)


Yes, she is vulgar and in your face!

If you can get past the breasts, can you see what is on the pajamas?

Hmmm, look closely and these bunnies are having a good time... even to the extent of trying out the Kama Sutra.

But on the back things are not so smooth sailing - pregnancy, nappies, rolling pin and boredom.

So this piece is really about stereotypical images we have of women, and young girls in particular. (You can tell it is a nubile teenager because her rocket propelled breasts haven't yet succumbed to gravity.)

It is about innocent beginnings and the blossoming sensuality that requires urgent attention and fulfillment... without understanding where all that leads. And perhaps it is the not knowing (and not caring) that enables the adventure to begin!


This piece won runner up prize for Best Humor - Visual Arts category in the Moonah Festival of Humour


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