Sue Stack

Specialising in

Ceramic Sculpture

Hobart, Tasmania, Australia


Ladies with Attitude exhibition 2004

2011 Exhibition

Isabelle Everhart's slightly tenuous thought experiments to save the world

Off Centre Gallery, Salamanca Arts Centre, Hobart

March 18th to April 13th, 2011



Many people have asked me what I am thinking of when I create my pieces... at first glance they may seem like a very strange dream...

I am exploring notions of growth, transformation and being, vitality and movement... with a dash of humour!

I am inspired by stories of women; some I know and others I have seen in a documentary or read about... brave women... women unafraid to express themselves or to face their learning edges or to move outside the paradigm.

I am interested in feminism, evolving cultures and the larger stories that we believe we must dance to. I am also an educational researcher and my art is a means to helping me explore through personal stories the big ideas that I might be grappling with.


Opening: 12:00 noon, Sunday March 20th  

I like creating whole experiences for audiences... a whole exhibition where together the pieces tell a larger story or require the viewer to participate in such a way that they create an experience for themselves. I like giving clues or teasers; for example, in cards to be selected or little booklets to be intimately mulled over. I aim to surprise and intrigue ... and even sometimes it happens!

I find the female form a very luscious form to work with in clay. It is something I can feel into as a woman. As I make my pieces, with hip swaying music, I find I am feeling in my own body the energy, emotions and movement I want to express.









The Seduction of Agnes Scornethope exhibition 2005

In addition to my Ladies with Attitude range  I also do wall pieces and more simple female forms... as well as a few explorations in different directions.

I hope you enjoy your exploration of my web site...


The Tao in Interesting Times

from the Tao series









The surprising evolution of Marcia Greengage exhibition 2007


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